Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Re-write the un-script, re-shoot the un-scene!

Since its new film that's not filmed, its new picture with no pictures, its new movie that doesn't go nowhere but just spins round in a circle (of the CD or LP variety; go to Thrill Jockey Records to order your copy today!), Matricidal sons of bitches, has not-tested with the test audiences so poorly, or so well, and nobody knows, in association with the Neue Friedberger Oper: Poverty Rue Productions has decided to solicit extensive re-writes to the script which isn't and re-shoots of the footage it hasn't.

So send your scraps of script, doctor, and your cinematographic, however grainy, or rainy, be it ASC or BSC, goings-out out to the electronic addresses somewheres on one of these pages. Or when Mr. Friedberger, on behalf of the Neue Friedberger Oper, is out on his tour of North America not-projecting screenings of the ain't-movie movie--Matricidal sons of bitches--go up and give him your "work". Maybe the best way to do so is to attempt to get his attention while he is trying to play the god damn music. But as Nicky Santoro says in Casino: Be nice. 

Your timely interventions will be dragged up here to the top of some website for you to judge--after having been coupled* with parts of MSB or the musical modifications Friedberger will be making while hobo-ing around with a frown on his face--probably. Of course.

Perhaps not so much Interactive as Not Really Reactive, given the record isn't out yet, and therefore you don't know what you're supposed to write or shoot about, but maybe that's for the best: let's be realistic. Let's proceed like the real world (I remember when that show first aired) does, by means of Ungleichzeitigkeit. Notatthesametimeness. Let's not be in synch, in other words. Don't worry about it.

Poverty Rue Productions, in association with the Neue Friedberger Oper, will take care of everything! You take care of the rest.*

*"Coupled": that reminds me: since the PRP's target audience or non-audience is comprised of very old, or sensitive, or sub-sentient, people who don't like swearing, or nudity, or violence, or anything at all like that sort of what-it-is, the Hays Code is in effect, in effect. How effective that will be Who Knows.

*"The rest" here means everything else, which in this case means nearly everything, and for or with no money. Or any direction or incentive, actually. Talk about fun and realistic!

Here is a non-video or ain't-movie that's for sure made by the neighbor boy (which isn't what they call them here), with music from MSB Part 2, VI.

Whatever you do, don't point your mother's camera right at the sun and send the results to anybody. Or otherwise. Let that not be an example to you all!

Poverty Rue vimeo page 

Neue Friedberger Oper youtube channel