Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"Does The Diabolical Principle succeed as a stand-alone work?" Absolutely, says the NFO

The Neue Friedberger Oper agrees, it's hard to say, just how very something, composer and Neue Friedberger Oper volunteer, Matthew Friedberger's THE DIABOLICAL PRINCIPLE, is, or was. But surely, a song called Shirley is featured and, it is a mess-terpiece of the contemporary song cycle répertoire, or rock music, or whatever it is you like, and however you want to put it. And you know where you can put it! Right straight in your music machine.

Here is a review of THE DIABOLICAL PRINCIPLE which appeared in the British magazine The Wire; it was sent to the NFO as two jpegs by the record company.

And now the second bit.

As always, the NFO does not comment on, or respond to, notices: though it just did. No endorsement or regard, or indeed any term that might reasonably be construed positively, is implied concerning the reviewer and his or her periodical.*

Certainly not. But what can you do? Follow the link below and purchase for yourself THE DIABOLICAL PRINCIPLE.


*Admittedly, nor is the reverse.