Thursday, September 13, 2012

Eddie Harris Day in parts of Paris not today

Here is, as simplified as possible, a version of the beginning of MSB's "Ladies-in waiting".... I. The Neighbors.* 

Not that on the record it's (an) anymore complicated comrade. Fast, with an exaggerated pause at each comma: Out of the lavender mist, emerges, the pitiful countenance of, the amnesiac, evil-identical other-ganger. But where, and who, and how? Or something else but definitely ladies talk about a theme in search of a soap opera.

Speaking of Eddie Harris. The NFO proclaims Saturday, September 15th "Eddie Harris Day" in parts of Paris. Go then to your record player or record player substitute and play your Eddie Harris records or what're called the other things. Are you in parts of Paris or especially otherwise then so? Do so/go then.

Of Course. The NFO' s not a recognized potentate of proclamation, but rather, recreation; 'recognized' isn't the thing and; no endorsement, by the heirs, legacy-of-Eddie Harris, of the NFO is suggested hereby and by.

Happy Birthday to any Friedbergers, and to the composer of Begleitmusik für eine Lichtspielszene. 

* Written by M. Friedberger. It's totally original; there is not even one bit of "Layla" or March of the Seven Centipedes is in it--at all. In other words--tell ASCAP.