Friday, September 21, 2012

Information concerning the figures on the front and back of the NFO and PRP'S MSB (or MSOB (or MSoB (or MSOB's (or MSoB'S (or etc.)))))

The Neue Friedberger Oper, in association with Poverty Rue Production (and with the continuing cooperation of Thrill Jockey Records), is absolutely delighted to announce the release of further, or more, or some, information, about the faces of the folks on the front and the back pochettes of the NFO's and PRP's (with the continuing cooperation of TJR's) new movie, MATRICIDAL SONS OF BITCHES.

Think of a Richard/Richie/Rich/Dick Allen baseball card. On the back of that card would be the legend of his record, and on the left as you look would be printed Philadelphia. His accomplishments during the many thrilling years he spent with the Philadelphia National League Ball Club would be enumerated across the relevant columns.

Imagine a "Charlie Lelan" baseball card. See below. His Philadelphia equivalent would be Azcapotzalco.

Below is a picture of "Julian Nella". His Philadelphia substitute would be Dhidhimotikhon.

"Marco Allne". His Philadelphia would be Aubagne.

"Michael Lalen". His Philadelphia: Tyana.

"Perry Nalle", K.L..

Not least but last, "Peter Ellan". Mitry-Mory.

Remember this November to learn about the great Dick Allen. 

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